Thursday, February 9, 2012

2-9-12 Westminster

I have 1/2 hour left of this day and to get this entry up!!! Long day getting all the "little" things that turn into "not-so-little" done....Scrape the little plaque on Delsin's canines off- his teeth look spectacular and in no way look like a 9.5 year old dog. I decided Westminster is no place to announce to the world that I have 1 or 2 (or 3 or 4...) grey hairs (Did I just admit that????) so out comes the handy dandy box of color to make sure at least my hair looks young! We brought Mick to his vet appointment to make sure he is all set in the health department and to keep on top of some on-going issues with him. He is slowly improving: the surgery he had in the summer for a perforated ulcer has left him very slow to recover. But he gained some more weight - that is a good thing - and while he needs to gain some strength, I believe he is going in the right direction.

Then this evening I sort through clothes...what to pack; pack light, pack heavy, pack for cold, pack for heat???????? Everything I hear it is hotter than heck at the Garden and dress accordingly. One of my show suits is wool - not much I can do about that, but my hang out clothes I go for lighter. I pack all of Delsins "summer" things to keep him cool: his coolie coat, his cooler crate pad, a fan.... keeping him cool enough is one area of concern for me.

Delsin's grooming stuff - table, drying, shampoo conditioner, the grooming box, extension cord, water, towels....I wonder what I am forgetting? I will fully bathe and then groom him Monday afternoon, and that will make grooming light on Tuesday. It sounds like grooming may be a challenge this year due to the renovation of MSG and I want to make sure he looks his best even if the electric isn't easily available at the Garden. There is grooming set up at the hotel we are staying - complete with bath tubs (that one pays for to use).

We have road snacks packed, coolers pack for dogs food (Delsin eats raw, Mick eats home cooked), supplements, dishes, crates, spray bottles, cameras, video cameras, laptops..... man, I have got to believe we have everything??????

House sitter is here tonight to sleep, so she will already be settled in and a part of the household when we leave in the morning. I am so grateful for her to be here and I can let go of some of the fear in leaving the rest of my dogs behind.

We will be up at 6 and out of here by 8 in the morning. Denise has made reservations for the next two nights, so we do have a destination. I just can't tell you where that may be. Somewhere between here and New York! Denise knows and that is all that matters.

The dogs being left behind are feeling it - Mick and Delsin seem to know that they will go. There will be some sad faces in the morning as I push them away from the door and take the 2 big boys. Not looking forward to seeing them rejected, but soon as we get on the road, it will be okay.

OH - before I forget - for those of you not local - or even the people reading this blog that are from outside of this country (It is an honor to have you follow!!!!) here is the link to the news broadcast of Delsin last night. Overall, they did a smashing job with the story! make sure to watch the video - not just read the story:

I must get some sleep - too short of a night as it is. I will plan to sleep in the car when Denise takes her shift driving...(verses sleeping when I am driving!). We will probably hit Chicago right at rush hour.... no way to really avoid that, we need to go that way. Oh well, not going to think about that, it is what it is....time to try and relax enough to go to sleep. BUT HOLY CRAP - I AM GOING TO WESTMINSTER TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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