Saturday, February 11, 2012

2-11-12 on the road to Wesminster - still!

Phew...another rough driving day due to weather. We got a late start due to the late night last night. It felt good to sleep in, but it ended up that today was worse driving than yesterday and we stopped 3.5 hours short of our destination. At one point, west bound I80  in Ohio was closed due to massive pile ups....I counted 20 cars and trucks in one place - all tangled up together, and that was one of three multi vehicles accidents we passed on the westbound lanes. East bound stayed open, but very slow. Daylight was running out and we just decided to stop and hope tomorrow is better.

Unfortunately it appears the storm continues all across PA tomorrow. Tomorrow nights reservations are in NY - the hotel right across the street from Madison Square Garden. We want to make sure we get there. So, up early tomorrow to get as many hours in the daylight as possible. I  also want to arrive in the big city during daylight hours.

Delsin got longer walks today in the snow and wind - which ofcourse he loved. Me, not-so-much. We left Minnesota with no snow, mild temps and foolishly thought the lack of winter would surely continue. I brought no boots, light gloves, and didn't allow enough clothes to change out of wet ones. Who would have thought?

So, send all the positive energy for us to get through safely tomorrow, so we can park the car and not see it again until we leave NY on Thursday!

Right now, Madison Square Garden and the events to come seem very far away.

Good night all, sleep well!


  1. The weather over there sounds lovely to play in but not to drive. Do take care. I didn't do to well today in my show, 2nd & 4th, so I will be cheering you on as I know you will do much better. Good luck!!!

  2. I have found you listed on their website. Rogel's My Delsin B Of Nighttime. Good luck. I will be watching you.

  3. Just watched on-line, you were robbed. I think you had a much better stance than any of the other dogs. I hope you enjoyed yourself though.