Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2-7-12 Westminster

Ahhhh... one week left. Actually less than one week. A week from today I will be in the ring at Westminster with Delsin. Phew...that sends some chills - not bad ones, but still chills, down my spine. I am excited to go, but admittedly a wee bit intimidated as well. Sleep didn't come very easily last night as I thought about the trip, all that needs to be done before I leave, as well as the ring itself.

 Today was another news event day. WCCO TV (Minneapolis MN) came out to do some more filming of Delsin and me for a Westminster story. They had come out and did one of the lost dog stories - and they were great to work with. Reported with integrity, got the facts straight, didn't sensationalize...so I invited them back to do Westminster. This story will air on the 10:00 (central time) new tomorrow (Wednesday 1-8-12) night. For those out of the area, they will have it on their website as well, after it airs. I will also post the link once I get it.  Last Monday, the reporter and cameraman spent basically the better part of the day hanging with Delsin and me - even going to Delsin acupuncture/chiropractic appointment to film that. More on that in tomorrow's post as I go for Delsin's last visit prior to Westminster.

So last weeks press visit was while I was "in-town".Today's visit the cameraman came to the farm I live and work on to get the country dog footage - which is basically what Delsin is. While he loves people and the spotlight, he also loves the wide open space to run, chase, dig, sniff, roll.... you know, be a dog. That part of his life is the reason he is so healthy at his age; both the exercise and the ability to literally "run off" stress keeps him young. The vast majority of my life is the farm - so Delsin as well as my 3 other dogs have the luxury of 160 acres for us to go for walks on. It is good for the body and soul.

But I came back into town today to help with the final prep before leaving. My new show outfits are bought, as well as the new shoes - both the ring shows as well as the standing-all-day-at Madison Square-Garden -shoes. But I need the little things now that will complete the "picture" - things like nail polish (which I NEVER wear), hairspray (can't have messy hair!), breath mints (do I need to explain why about that one?).

Anyhow, the two days with these guys filming, interviewing - it has been a blast. Very enjoyable. Only downside is that when Delsin gets to be in the camera and limelight so much..... well, his head swells. A lot. Like really a lot.  I have to keep his ego in check, let him know that sometimes modesty is not a bad thing. But he still struts around, telling everyone that will listen that his s--- doesn't stink. He picks up a toy, parades around the house with it,  shoves it into the other dogs' faces - taunting them - ...ah, I can almost hear him saying "nay, nay - I get to go to Westminster and YOUUUUU don't!". Is that anthropomorphizing or what!!??? But really, that is what I hear him say!

The house sitters came this evening which will care for the dogs left behind. We needed to go over details, make sure everyone seemed comfortable about everything, etc. My last few house-sitting experiences were not, well, very good. Bad in fact. Really bad. Three different ones. That was 12 years ago. Haven't had one since. But they are known people to me, trusted, and they love this breed as much as I do. It will be fine, but hard to leave my dogs that I am never separate from.

Only two days left to pull the loose ends together... and it is already past my bedtime tonight, so I must sign off, hit the sack and hope I don't think  about the things I missed writing down in this blog :)

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