Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1-10-12 What this blog is

It was 1 week ago today that my dog Delsin saw the gate was opened to the yard he was in and decided to go for an unsupervised walk in a neighborhood he had never been before. Thus, a massive search was started to find my wonderful boy. In the process, fans of Delsin grew and grew and even after he was found, people wanted to know many things. So this blog is about a few things:

  • Delsin the dog - who is is, where he came from and the life he lives.
  • Delsin the lost dog - how he became separated from me, how the story unfolded, and his return to me. I will also answer the many questions that have come up on comment boards, so people can better understand what happened and why.
  • Delsin does Westminster - join me and Delsin on our maiden voyage of going to New York City in Feb 2012 for the super bowl of dog shows.
Comments will be welcomed on this blog - but with that said, I will immediately remove all mean hearted comments - as there is no reason to be mean and the world is a better place without it. 

I hope this blog is fun, educational and well..... about Delsin!

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